Total population by race/ethnicity: Montana, 2020 (2023)

The demographic distribution of women and children in a state, county or city can have an impact on the rates of birth outcomes in that area. When comparing the rates of health indicators between different geographic regions, these distributions should be taken into consideration.

Last updated: January 2022


Total population by race/ethnicity: Montana, 2020? ›

In Montana in 2020, 4.2% of the total population was Hispanic, 85.7% were white, 0.5% were black, 6.0% were American Indian/Alaska Native and 1.0% were Asian/Pacific Islander.

What is the Latino population in Montana? ›

Montana is home to about 34,000 Latinos, about 3 percent of the state's population.

What percentage of Montana is American Indian? ›

About four percent of the present population of Montana is indigenous. The major groups include the Assiniboin, Blackfeet, Chippewa-Cree, Crow, Flathead, Grosventres, Kalispel, Kootenai, Little Shell Band of Chippewa, Northern Cheyenne, Piegan, Salish, and Spokane.

What percentage of Montana is rural? ›

Counting Rural Montana

About 44 percent or 470,000 live in rural areas of the state. The majority of Montana's geographic area is defined by the Census Bureau as "rural" meaning most population centers have fewer than 2,500 people.

How diverse is Billings Montana? ›

White alone, percent 86.9%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 1.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 4.7%
Asian alone, percent(a) 0.8%
54 more rows

What is the ethnic diversity in Montana? ›

Retrieved June 16, 2023, from In Montana in 2020, 4.2% of the total population was Hispanic, 85.7% were white, 0.5% were black, 6.0% were American Indian/Alaska Native and 1.0% were Asian/Pacific Islander.

What state has the most Mexicans? ›

In 2021, California had the highest Hispanic population in the United States, with over 15.75 million people claiming Hispanic heritage.

Do a lot of Indians live in Montana? ›

Montana is home to approximately 78,000 people of American Indian heritage, or 6.5 percent of the state's total population.

What state has the most Indians? ›

Native American Population by State 2023
  • California has the highest number of Native Americans, with a population of 757,628, comprising about 1.94% of its total population. ...
  • Alaska has the highest relative population of Native Americans, who make up 19.74% of the state's total population, about 145,816 people.

What city in the US has the highest Native American population? ›

Number 1: New York, New York

The largest city in the country also has the largest indigenous population with 111,749 people. Each year, the Thunderbird American Indian Mid-Summer Pow Wow – the largest and oldest in the city – is held at the end of July at the Queens County Farm Museum.

What is the average household income in Montana? ›

The following data are the most current income statistics for Montana from the US Census Bureau, are in 2021 inflation adjusted dollars and are from the American Community Survey 2021 5-year estimates. Median Household Income: $60,560. Average Household Income: $82,237. Per Capita Income: $34,423.

Is Montana a good place to live? ›

Low unemployment (2.1 percent in December 2022) and a lively downtown area with microbreweries, restaurants, a live theater, and a symphony are some of the factors that make Montana's capital a great place to live.

What is the racial diversity of Bozeman? ›

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Bozeman, MT are White (Non-Hispanic) (89.1%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.02%), White (Hispanic) (2.28%), Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.01%), and Two+ (Hispanic) (1.04%).

Is bozeman or Billings bigger? ›

Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana and one few people ever really see since most people are just "passing through". Learn more about Billings, Montana. Bozeman, MT, is probably the best known tourist destination in the state.

What are the race demographics in Kalispell Montana? ›

White alone, percent 91.1%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 1.1%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 1.1%
Asian alone, percent(a) 1.5%
54 more rows

What is the most ethnically diverse US state? ›

Every state was scored in six categories of diversity: socio-economic, cultural, economic, household, religious and political. The highest score went to liberal California, which was followed closely by conservative Texas.

What state has the least ethnic diversity? ›

  • Hawaii has the highest racial and ethnic diversity, which is 3.1 times higher than in Maine, the state with the lowest.
  • California has the highest language diversity, which is 2.3 times higher than in West Virginia, the state with the lowest.
Sep 14, 2022

What state has the lowest black population? ›

Alaska has a black population of 21,898, making up approximately 3% of the state's total population. The state also has a white population of 435,392, and the Hispanic and Latino population is 49,824.

What state has the least Hispanics? ›

Maine, West Virginia, and Vermont were among those with the lowest Hispanic population shares, at 1% each.

What state has the most white population? ›

The states with the highest overall white populations are California (28,409,288), Texas (22,819,758), Florida (16,602,290), and New York (13,539,678). This is likely because these are the four most populous states in the U.S., and over three-quarters of the country's overall population is white.

What are the fastest growing Hispanic states? ›

Today, while California, Texas and Florida hold about half of the U.S. Latino population, the fastest growth rates are in states such as North Dakota (up 148% between 2010 and 2020) and South Dakota (up 75% over the same period). Growing Hispanic populations are also reshaping the demographics of states.

What do Native Americans call Montana? ›

Long before Montana became known as the “last best place,” Indian nations and Indian people knew this area as “the first best place.” Before there was a state called Montana, several tribal nations called this area “home.” In addition to the tribal nations that are currently located in the state, the Mandan, Hidatsa, ...

What tribe is landless in Montana? ›

Due to conflicts with federal authorities in the 19th century, the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe went without an Indian reservation for most of its history. Members live in various parts of Montana and elect a government of a chairman and Tribal Council according to their constitution.

What is the largest tribe in Montana? ›

The Crow (Apsáalooke) Tribe of Indians has a membership of approximately 11,000, of whom approximately 7,900 reside on the Crow Indian Reservation in south central Montana. The Crow Indian Reservation is the largest of the seven Indian Reservations in the state, encompassing 2.3 million acres.

What state has the most Asians? ›

California has the highest Asian American population, with a total of over 5,866,435 Asian Americans. This is about 14.8%% of California's total population.

Which state has the lowest Indian population? ›

1. Sikkim. Sikkim has the lowest population of any state in India. The 2011 census revealed a total population of 610,577 in Sikkim.

What 5 states have the highest Native American population? ›

Today, there are over five million Native Americans in the United States, 78% of whom live outside reservations. The states with the highest percentage of Native Americans in the U.S. are Alaska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Dakota, Montana, and North Dakota.

What percentage of Montana speaks Spanish? ›

Speak language other than English2.8%
Speak English "very well"2.2%
Speak English less than "very well" (LEP)0.6%
Speak Spanish0.8%
20 more rows

Which U.S. state has the least Latino population? ›

West Virginia has the lowest Hispanic population as a percentage of the total population at 1.5%, followed by Maine with 1.72% and Vermont with 1.99%.

What U.S. city has the highest percentage of Mexicans? ›

El Paso, Texas: one of the main cities on the southern border. El Paso has one of the highest percentages of Hispanic population of any city in the United States. It has 678,815 inhabitants, of which 551,513 are Hispanic, which represents 81.25% of the total population.

Which U.S. city has the largest Hispanic population? ›

11 Cities With the Most Hispanics
  1. New York, N.Y. Hispanic Population: 2.27 million. ...
  2. Los Angeles, Calif. Hispanic Population: 1.8 million. ...
  3. Houston, Texas. Hispanic Population: 908,000. ...
  4. San Antonio, Texas. Hispanic Population: 807,000. ...
  5. Chicago, Ill. Hispanic Population: 774,000. ...
  6. Phoenix, Ariz. ...
  7. Dallas, Texas. ...
  8. El Paso, Texas.

What is the poverty level in Montana? ›

By this definition, the poverty threshold today for a family of four is roughly $26,000 annually; for an individual, that number is $13,000. But the reality of economic hardship does not abide by the output of a calculation, nor is the lived experience the same way from person to person.

What state has the most blacks? ›

Texas has the largest Black state population.

What states are Latinos moving to? ›

The states that have surpassed 1 million Latinos since 2010 are Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The three states with the most Hispanics also had the biggest increases of this population from 2010 to 2019: Texas (2.0 million increase), California (1.5 million) and Florida (1.4 million).

Where do most Mexicans live in the US? ›

The United States is home to the second-largest Mexican community in the world (24% of the entire Mexican-origin population of the world), behind only Mexico. Most Mexican Americans reside in the Southwest, with over 60% of Mexican Americans living in the states of California and Texas.

What city has the most black population? ›

Among metropolitan areas, the New York City metro area – which includes parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania – has the nation's largest single-race Black population, with roughly 3.0 million.

What is the most Mexican town in the US? ›

CityStateHispanic %
89 more rows

What state do most Mexican immigrants go to? ›

Within the United States, almost 60 percent of Mexican immigrants live in California or Texas.


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